Spousal Open Work Permit

At Sponsor Family Canada, we understand the importance of staying close to your loved ones, especially when your spouse is studying in a PGWP-eligible program or working in Canada. Our Spousal Open Work Permit service is designed to seamlessly integrate you into the Canadian workforce, ensuring you can build a life together while enjoying the benefits of working in this beautiful country.

What is a Spousal Open Work Permit?

A Spousal Open Work Permit allows the spouses of certain temporary residents in Canada to work anywhere in the country. If your spouse is a student in a PGWP-eligible program or is engaged in any job in Canada, you have the opportunity to obtain a work permit at the border. The best part: Sponsor Family Canada can make it happen for you in just one day!

Who is Eligible for Spousal Open Work Permit?

Eligibility for a Spousal Open Work Permit is tied to the status of your spouse in Canada. If your spouse is a student in a PGWP-eligible program or is currently employed in Canada, you are eligible to apply for this open work permit. Learn more at official canada.ca webiste.

Who is NOT Eligible for Spousal Open Work Permit?

Unfortunately, not everyone qualifies for a Spousal Open Work Permit. If your spouse is not enrolled in a PGWP-eligible program or is not working in Canada, this particular permit may not be applicable.

Financial Requirements and Other Eligibility Criteria

Unlike some immigration processes, the Spousal Open Work Permit does not have specific financial requirements. However, it is crucial to ensure that your spouse meets the eligibility criteria for their current status, whether it be as a student or a working professional in Canada.

Apart from financial considerations, it’s important to note that accurate and complete documentation is crucial for a successful application.

Stock image of a man stamping a legal document used for decorative purposes as application process for spousal open work permit

The Seamless Application Process

Applying for a Spousal Open Work Permit might sound complex, but with Sponsor Family Canada, it’s a straightforward and swift process. Here’s how we make it happen for you:

  • Assessment: Our experts assess your eligibility for a Spousal Open Work Permit and flagpoling.
  • Document Checklist: We provide you with a comprehensive document checklist, ensuring that you have everything you need for a successful application.
  • Guidance: Our team guides you through the preparation of documents and train you for the interview at the border, making sure that every detail is covered.
  • Accompaniment: We go the extra mile by accompanying you and your spouse to the border, providing support throughout the process.
  • Representation: We represent you before the immigration department at the border, ensuring that your case is presented professionally and persuasively.
  • Secure Work Permit: Our ultimate goal is to secure the Spousal Open Work Permit for you, enabling you to start working and building a life in Canada.

How Sponsor Family Canada Ensures Success

Our commitment to your success sets us apart. Sponsor Family Canada is dedicated to providing personalized assistance, ensuring that your application stands out. We leverage our expertise to streamline the process, reducing the chances of errors and maximizing the likelihood of a successful outcome.

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