Sponsor Your Child

Do you have a child overseas? Do you wish to reunify with your child / children in Canada? Eligible Canadians and Permanent Residents can sponsor their children to become permanent residents of Canada.

Who is eligible to sponsor a dependant child?

In order to sponsor a dependent child, you must be:

  • At least 18 years old
  • A Canadian citizen, a permanent resident of Canada, or registered Indian
  • Living in Canada if you are a permanent resident, or have plans to return to Canada once your sponsors arrive if you are a Canadian citizen
  • Not receiving social assistance (except for disability)
  • Lastly, be able to provide for the basics need of the persons you sponsor

What are the financial requirements to sponsor your child?

To sponsor your kid(s), you must promise to provide for your child for a certain period of time. This is called a promise of undertaking. This includes:

  • Providing financial support for your family members
  • Repaying any social assistance your family members receive

As well, you must also agree to a sponsorship agreement. This includes:

  • Providing for the basic needs of your family members

Finally, there is usually no income requirement for sponsoring a dependent child. The exception is for:

  • Sponsoring a dependent child that also has 1 or more dependent children of their own
  • Sponsoring a spouse/partner that has dependent children who has dependent children

You can look at the financial evaluation form for assessing your ability to support your sponsored family members.

Remember, the province of Quebec has different immigration sponsorship requirements. Learn more here.

Who is not eligible to sponsor family members?

You may not be able to sponsor children if you:

  • Are a temporary resident
  • Have a permanent resident application that is still processing
  • Are still financially responsible for another spouse or partner
  • Are in jail
  • Have not paid back, for example: immigration loans, performance bonds, as well as court-ordered family support payments
  • Did not give the financial support you promised to give in a past sponsorship
  • Have declared bankruptcy and have not been discharged
  • Are receiving social assistance (disability excluded)
  • Have been convicted of a violent crime or sexual offence in Canada
  • Cannot legally stay in Canada

Learn more about the eligibility requirements for sponsorship.

image of a child holding parents hand used for building understanding of Canadian child sponsorship program

Who can you sponsor?

Dependent children qualify if they are under 22 years old and do not have a spouse or common law partner. In contrast, children over 22 qualify if they are unable to financially support themselves due to mental or physical conditions. Additionally, an online tool is available online to see if a child qualifies for sponsorship.

How to bring your adopted child to Canada, and how to adopt a child overseas

In family class sponsorship to Canada, family members that are eligible to be sponsored include spouses and partners, dependent children, and parents. Additionally, you can sponsor an adopted child.

This applies in several situations. As a sponsor, you can apply to sponsor:

  • A child whom you adopted outside of Canada, while you were a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • A child whom you plan to adopt once they arrive in Canada
  • An extended family member such as a sibling, nephew/niece, grandchild, or child from a common-law relationship as long as they are under 18 and unmarried
  • Any other person, regardless of age, with whom you have a family relationship

Can you sponsor an orphaned or adopted child?

Firstly, you may have a relative outside of Canada that is not your dependent child, spouse/partner, or parent/grandparent. In this case, you can sponsor them as an adopted relative, as long as they are:

  • Orphaned
  • Under 18
  • Do not have a spouse
  • Are your nephews or nieces

How do you adopt a child from another country?

Firstly, if you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you can adopt a child from overseas. By adopting a child from another country, they become permanent residents of Canada. The child must complete an immigration medical exam in order to receive sponsorship.

In order to be eligible to adopt a child from another country, you must:

  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Live in Canada
  • Be able to financially support the child by meeting the minimum necessary income requirements
    • Also, your spouse or common-law partner can be a co-signer, meaning they can help you meet the income requirements and agree to share the responsibility of adopting the child

However, you are not eligible to adopt a child if:

  • You have not met requirements of previous sponsorship agreements
  • Have defaulted on court-ordered support such as alimony
  • Have been convicted of a violent criminal offence
  • You do not live in Canada and do not plan to return

How does the adoption take place?

Most adoptions occur in the child’s home country. Depending on the country, there will be different laws and procedures for the adoption. Hence, you should ensure that the country you plan to adopt from legally allows it.

Depending on the home country of the child, the adoption can either be:

  • Completed outside of Canada
  • Completed in Canada

However, all adoptions must:

  • Be legal in the child’s home country home country
  • End the legal relationship between the child and their biological parents
  • Meet Canadian legal requirements, as based on the province/territory you reside in
  • Be in the best interests of the child
  • Not be done to gain permanent resident status

Remember, all children must complete an Immigration Medical Exam before they receive their permanent resident status. Click here for a list of panel physicians.

For more information on adopting a child abroad, visit this page.

What must my family members provide?

To be admissible to Canada, the family members you sponsor must provide all required documents, biometrics, as well as an Immigration Medical Exam.

If you have any questions, contact our office by contact form or email.

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  • Parents/Grandparents Sponsorship: Share the joys of family with your parents or grandparents in Canada.
  • Spousal Open Work Permit: Work in Canada while your sponsorship application is in process.
  • Super Visa: Extend your stay and make the most of your time with loved ones.
  • Temporary Resident Visa: Facilitate short-term visits, ensuring family bonds stay strong.
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