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Do you have family overseas ? Do you wish to reunify your family in Canada ? Eligible Canadians and Permanent Residents can apply to be a family sponsor for their spouse, partners, parents and dependent children to become permanent residents of Canada.
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To begin with, you must complete two separate applications to sponsor a family member. The first is your application to become a sponsor. Secondly, your spouse, partner or child make an application for permanent residence. However, note that you have to send both applications for sponsorship and permanent residence together in the mail.

For a paper application, you must download all the forms provided when you apply, fill them out, and mail them in. The required list of documents is part of the application package. However, prepare to have photocopies of your passport, civil status documents (i.e. marriage certificate), birth certificates for dependent children, and proof of relationship. Be sure to go over the full guide to ensure you have all the documents included in your application.

Firstly, note that this is a paper application that you will mail it to the address provided in the application package. Make sure you use registered mail with tracking. This way you can ensure that your application has arrived. Finally, you can find instructions for mailing to the Mississauga Processing Center here.

The status of a paper application can be checked here.

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